1st LTT Meeting

During this 2-hour online event, you will get a good overview of what education hackathons are.

First, the EduHack team will guide you through what hackathons are. Over the years, hackathons and their innovative format have been widely used to tackle challenges. Teams of programmers and developers would spend 24-36 hours together and work to find out-of the-box solutions to shared problems.

This method proved to be valid in the coding world, so could it work also in education?

We will show you how Education Hackathons can work and some useful tools which educators can use to organise them.

During the event, you will have the chance to meet and create connections with people from the whole EduHack consortium (i.e. Ahhaa Science Centre, Estonia; Communication and Design agency Hugin&Munin, Spain; HOPU Smart Cities,Spain; Dublin City University, Ireland; Tekkeköy MEM, provincial education coordinator in Turkey; Science Centre Zinoo, Latvia, Ergon, education and training provider, Italy)