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1st Hub Meeting in Estonia


06 / July / 2020 - 11:00



Helin Haga

Science Centre AHHAA’s first EduHack hub meeting took place face-to-face in AHHAA, Tartu on 6 July 2020. The organizers invited participants from a wide range of institutions- there were representatives present from educational institutions (including vocational education institutions), hobby schools, the local government and businesses. The total number of participants was 10 and the event was facilitated by 2 staff members. The participants were asked to complete a Google Forms survey prior to the event in which they were asked to identify the most concerning problem that was affecting education outcomes in their sector, the most relevant cause for this problem, list who was being mostly damaged by this problem and what was the most concerning consequence of this problem. Based on the answers to the survey, a discussion was designed for the meeting. The participants were all very motivated to discuss the issues listed and were able to do so in two ways – both in pairs as well as by sharing their ideas with the whole group. The issue that the participants considered the quickest to solve was improving the level of cooperation between different educational institutions and this was also the issue that the participants considered the most suitable for collective problem-solving. The participants also agreed on that the issue that was the most important had to do with forgetting the student in the teaching process. It was discussed that the students should be engaged more in the process of hacking educational problems, whereas teachers, principals, university professor and parents should be engaged as mentors. It was also proposed that kindergarten teachers should also be included in the hacking. The participants found that inviting stakeholders should be done via channels that are personalized and suitable for each stakeholder, be it via social media or a personalized e-mail or a phone call. During the hackathon an app could be useful to have to improve the workflow (although no specific app or digital solution was proposed). It was also considered very important to involve energetic, motivated, knowledgeable people from various walks of life (not just from the field of education but also from the field of culture and business, for instance). At the end of the discussion, participants expressed their willingness to stay connected to future project activities and potential collaboration options with the local government were proposed as well.

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