Learn about Eduhack Platform.

What is EduHack?
EduHack is an Erasmus+ funded project aimed at diversifying and innovating the field of education. The objective of EduHack is to create and strengthen partnerships between different stakeholders, locally and internationally, in order to co-develop easy-to-use tools for educational institutions, or other interested parties, in how to organise an Education Innovation Hackathon as a resourceful and creative way to innovate education.
What is a hackathon?
Hackathons bring together groups of individuals with a cross section of skills, to focus on a particular theme or challenge and produce a new solution, within a concentrated period of time. This solution may be a completely new product, or the reworking of existing resources into a more efficient process or tool.
What does ‘Hacking Education’ mean?
Education Providers need to offer dynamic, proactive and relevant answers to respond to the ever-changing needs of their communities, to continually examine its role and functions, and to be willing to work in different ways if they intend to be sustainable and relevant for the whole community in the future. While Hackathons originated to find technological solutions to problems more recently, hackathons have had a much broader focus, bridging technology and humanities. The outcome of a hacking education is focused on developing a series of ideas rather than working prototypes. By the end of the project, a set of final (digital) guidelines and other tools (e.g. programs, multimedia tools, checklists, templates, description of methodology) will be co-developed and shared with the public via online Education Hack Tools platform. All the tools for organising Education Innovation Hackathons will be launched via an online platform, which will be the main source for potential hackathon organisers.
What is the goal of the Hub?
The EduHack Hubs will bring together individuals with different backgrounds and views, therefore, the Hub members will together shape and structure the hackathon format based on their unique perspectives, knowledge and experiences. They will also map the common problems and bottlenecks in the education system in general.
Who are the other participants?
Locally and Internationally, the Hub participants are stakeholders in Education who will come from a range of different backgrounds.