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2nd Hub meeting in Estonia


27 / September / 2021 - 14:00



Helin Haga

During the second hub meeting of the Estonian educational experts, the impact of COVID-19 on education in Estonia was discussed by participants representing teachers, students, extracurricular activity providers and the local government. The two overarching isssues mentioned by several participants related to the motivation of students and teachers and the limitations of the physical + digital space used during the lock down by both students and teachers. When presented with the opportunity to share their opinion on the topic educational hackathons, the participants highlighted the high need for instructions to carry out such hackathons and listed the criteria the existence of which they considered necessary in order to run an educational hackathon with their colleagues: - knowledgeof good practices - experienced team members - positively-minded colleagues - collaboration and sufficient time - specific instructions and a mentor - the participation of representatives of different fields to get a bystander's view of the situation - knowledge about hackathons and their adequacy to solve certain issues - people who would participate and who could pinpoint and solve issues - the involvement of policy makers - a valid problem to hack

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